Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Happenings This Week...

Thursday 6pm - 8:30pm: For all you crafty types, head over to Stitch Cleveland for Yarnmasters of the Silver Hook Crochet Club as well as the westside meeting of Stitch N Bitch. Join an active group of artists of all levels, free, and sometimes there's food, too! Bring your latest project and chill.

Friday 7pm - 10pm: The reception for "If All Else Fails" works by Steve Ehret is happening over at Artchitecture Gallery...

Also, Saturday is known throughout North America as Free Comic Book Day.
If you are in the Kamms area, there a little party happening all day at Carol and John's Comic Shop

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hey McFly!

Crispin Glover will be coming to the Cleveland Cinematheque this Friday and Saturday for a screening of two of his films, along with a Q & A and book signing. You may know him best for playing George McFly in Back to the Future, but he's been in countless other films besides directing his own art flicks, writing books and even does a Nancy Sinatra cover of his album titled, "The Big Problem does not equal the solution.The Solution equals Let It Be".

Over the years he has become a cult figure and goth pin-up of sorts. His films explore his interest in what makes people uncomfortable; rater than just out there bizarro-land as some might view it. Part of me wants to liken him to a Marylin Manson type character for intellectuals...or people who think they are intellectuals. Whatever you think, all I know is that I've admired his nose and overall bone structure for years; maybe I should have taken the time to stalk him while living in L.A. rather than David Lynch (one of his mentors), but to be honest he would probably weird me out a tad too much.

In any case, I would love to meet him and tell him I want to paint him, but frankly $20 is more than I'd like to pay to sit in cramped seats sized for children for hours at the Cinematheque. I've already seen the one film, it was shot at his kick ass Spanish/Gothic looking mansion.

In other news, Asterisk Gallery has put out an open call for an exhibit taking place in November. Hey Cleveland SGS, I'm totally looking at you for this kind of theme! And you know Norton Furniture will have to be a subject lovingly explored...

An open call for artists in all mediums for an exhibition about this glorious city. Artists must be originally from or are currently residing and working in Cleveland – this is very important. The work has to be from the perspective of a Clevelander.
Please absolutely no beautiful little cityscapes, pictures of the bridge man sculptures or vibrant photos of the fireworks on the 4th at Edgewater etc. I am attempting to produce an exhibition that promotes a self deprecating view of Cleveland by Clevelanders. The work must represent or depict Cleveland in some way, shape, or form. Think more of a less positive Harvey Pekarian viewpoint, burnt perogies, the Big Chuck and Little John show on a black and white television with no antenna, the continual grief and despair we feel each and every day, the adverse effect our sports teams have on our mental state, our bleak and depressing outlook on life, etc, etc. All the good things.
The opening reception will be complete with a live polka band and sauerkraut and kielbasa will be available along with POC beer - lukewarm of course.
Please submit images or working ideas to:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asterisk Gallery recap

Some photos from last night at Asterisk Gallery (click for larger images). Lots of people out for the art walk despite the rain that was on and off...

I would have liked to make it out to Doubting Thomas (the men in art exhibit sounded fun) and Brandt Gallery, but alas, I had a little accident over at Edison's Pub resulting in part of my face being cut up and made throbby with pain. (No it wasn't alcohol related thank you, I'm a lush, not an idiot drunk). So my art-fartings and photos will be halted for the time being until my face is restored and glorious again. Yes, I am that vain.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Blackxtraploitationism + Detroit Shoreway haps

"Blakxtraploitationism" opens at Asterisk Gallery in Tremont on Friday, April 11th from 6pm-10pm Organized by Curator, Julius Lyles, this exhibition includes over 50 new works in digital photography, painting, sculpture, illustration, mixed media by emerging and professional artists.

From the Gallery: The intention of this exhibit is to focus on the meaning, myth and stereotype of the word (BLACK), apropos of culture, race, politics, environment, economics and class.

That's all fine and good, but I still can't wait to see how offended or uncomfortable the weekenders get while out hunting for their next Thomas Kinkade piece during the artwalk. But heck, this is probably my favorite review of Asterisk Gallery and the naughty art that is a permanent fixture on the second level. You might like "Blakxtraploitationism" (say that fast 3 times) , or you might choose to hate it -- that's what it is all about ain't it?

Also starting on Friday, Gordon Square and the Detroit Shoreway are having a full blown open house for the Creative Arts building and all the surrounding businesses. Let's hope April actually begins to feel like April by then. I'm sick of this winter chill bullshit already!

Start your journey at the Western end of the District at the Studios at 78th Street Building (the former American Greetings Creative Studios) Cleveland's Newest Creative Arts Center, located one block North of Lake Avenue between West 78th & 80th Streets. Free parking is available in the back of the building.

Friday Night, April 11th from 5:30-9 pm
Saturday Afternoon, April 12th from 1-6 pm

Art Galleries: Tregoning & Company, Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery, Kokoon Arts Gallery
Art Auction: Rachel Davis Fine Arts – Saturday Auction beginning at 9:30 am
Artist & Design Studios: Derek Hess, Scanlon Design, Ken Nevadomi, Judith Brandon,
Charmaine Spencer
Music & Entertainment Businesses: Lava Room Recording Studio, HM Concert Management,
Alternative Press Magazine
Continue your journey East on Detroit Avenue to Gordon Square…
Artist Studio: Phyllis Seltzer (corner of Detroit & 75th Street)
Art Galleries: 1point618 Gallery, 1point618 Next Door
Performance Theatres: Cleveland Public Theatre, Near West Theatre
Retail Stores: duoHOME, Kitsch City, Detroit Studios
Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Houses: Gypsy Beans, Cheddars Café, Latitude 41n,
The Happy Dog, Minh-Anh, City Grill.

Now technically I am an artist whose studio (aka my dining room and storage closet) is in the area, but y'all can't come in unless you email me and ask all nice; after all you strangers could just come in and start going through my underwear drawer, or comment how tiny my kitchen is, or kidnap my cat! My studio is also Elephant Stone Records HQ. Just be sure not to rummage through the CD and vinyl collection and get it out of order, deal?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Horror Films, Campy Guests, Nerds and More!

Guess what starts tomorrow...Cinema Wasteland
Sure it takes place in Saint Wrongsville, but look at all the cool campy special guests they have coming! The actor that played Mike Myers is worth it, and Mink Stole from the John Waters films of course. You know you want to know it.